Being in a Creative Relationship


Relationships can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re dating somebody who is enduring the rollercoaster that is the creative process. Dating a creative person does have it’s challenges, but it can also be an amazing experience. Both me & my partner, Sam, have creative jobs and hobbies, and we have a few insights to share about the whole thing.

For a little bit of background, Sam and I have been together for almost 6 years now. I am currently a designer, writer, videographer and creative director and Sam is a photographer, videographer, musician and illustrator. We both spend a large portion of our time working on creative projects, jobs and hobbies and it makes up a big part of our lives both individually and together. Over the last 6 years, we have learnt a lot about what works, what doesn’t work, what we enjoy and don’t, and ways to make the most of our creativity alongside one another.

You might be creative, your partner might be creative, or maybe you both are but whatever your circumstance, there are some things that might help you out along the way.

Partners in Crime

The best thing about dating someone creative, is that they are your biggest fan and often your partner in crime. They are there to help you if you’re stuck on an idea or can’t find something in Photoshop, you can bounce your ideas off of them and get their feedback on your work in progress. If you’re both creative, you will have the added bonus that they will understand how the creative process works and can empathise with you when you’re going through both the highs and lows of that experience. It’s a great feeling to have someone on your side, so when you’re having a tough time, doubting yourself or struggling with an idea, your romantic partner can also be your creative partner!

The Creative Rollercoaster

Most of the time, dating someone creative is a blessing, but there are a few times where it might feel a little more like a curse. When one or both of you are experiencing the hard parts of the creative process, it is often a difficult period of time as you work your way through the problem. You might argue about how to do things, or offend each other when you give feedback. The weight of creative work can also keep you back from spending time together as the clients pile up and the deadlines approach. These are all normal things to experience, but as a team you can overcome them all.

Talk Talk Talk

Our advice is to be your partner’s biggest fan. Being creative is a tumultuous experience, often full of doubt, uncertainty and stress, as well as moments of joy, breakthrough and success. Your creative partner will be experiencing these emotions all over the place, sometimes even all at once! They need your support and encouragement along the way, so remember to always tell them how proud you are of them, how much you love the work they do and their passion for their art. Praise from your best friend means so much and will go a long way, especially in the hard times. As in any relationship, communication is key, so be honest about what you’re going through, what stage of the creative process you’re experiencing, how you feel about each other’s work, and how your partner can help you along the way. Make time for each other, and be purposeful about spending periods of time together outside of your creative work.

Sam and I both hope that this is helpful for you, and are happy to answer any questions you might have, so be sure to comment down below if you do have any. You can watch the video below to hear us chat about this more and answer some additional questions too!

You can also find all of Sam's info here.