Creative Transparency

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.” - Mother Teresa

Being honest can be difficult; what if it’s too much information, or people disagree, or maybe they laugh at my experiences? These fears are rational worries about transparency, but I believe that the rewards by far outweigh the risk.

My favourite creatives to follow are those who are open with their audiences about their processes, where they came from, how they got to where they are now, and all of their thoughts along the way. Reading or watching this type of content allows me to connect easier with the creator, relate to their experience, learn, trust them more, and ultimately create a better connection.

I have always aimed to be open and honest about my experiences, thoughts, processes and what I’ve learnt, because to me I find that so valuable. I want you to know what it’s really like to be a designer, or how it can really feel as a business owner, so that you can know what to expect as you step into those things, or so that you can feel like you’re not so alone in the things you’re experiencing along the way! In everything that I write or film or design or create, I aim to be transparent and open with you as much as possible, so that we can create better, closer, more real connections, because I think if you’re not being real, what’s the point? I want you to know that I just lost my job and I’m scared sh*tless and excited at the same time; I want you to understand that I’ve got passions that I’m just not sure how to follow sometimes; I want to let you in on all my questions about creativity and life and the design industry and society and all the other random things that I think about during the day! These things are real, they happen to us all sometimes, and we should be talking about it more.

I really do believe in the concept of peer learning and that by talking to each other, engaging in real discussions and having conversations about some often difficult topics, we can all grow and learn together in more ways than we ever could alone. (I wrote a lot of my Honours research project around this idea so I’m very passionate about it!)

As a small start to this, I have an upcoming collab video on my YouTube channel in which I'll be answering some questions about my journey, experiences and a few of my favourite things, because I want to connect with you! I want you to get to know me, understand where I’m coming from, and trust that the knowledge I share with you is based upon these real-life experiences that I’ve had in my creative journey so far. Watch this space, and I will update this post and social media when the video is live!

This is just the beginning. You’re going to hear a lot more from me in regards to my real worries, experiences, thoughts, questions and general musings and I’d love for you to join the conversation. Feel free to contact me in any way that’s easiest for you, and I look forward to our future chats!