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Hollie & Friends: Part 1

Hollie & Friends: Part 1


Throughout life you meet so many people and gather friends along the way. I have been lucky enough to surround myself with some of the most talented and incredible people ever, and somehow tend to draw creative people into my life. I think that these people are amazing, they inspire me every day and I’m not afraid to brag about them because I think you should get to enjoy their wonderfulness with me! I’m not at all trying to say that I’m awesome because I know these people, I just want to give them some well-deserved praise and share their amazing work with you! I also don't want to put these people in a box, because many of them are amazing at more than one thing, but I've tried to share what they're most known for or what I enjoy the most about their work, so enjoy! I’m thinking about doing several of these posts, but for now, here’s the first five people that I want to introduce you to!

Hand lettering - Sophie Melligan

University has not only been great for my education, but also for meeting amazing new people, and Sophie is one of them! Like me, Sophie is a typography & lettering addict, and she does the most incredible brush lettering ever! I am obsessed with her beautiful lettering and I can only dream of being that good someday! Sophie also has a great blog filled with posts about design, beauty, books and more!

Photography - Jake Metzger

I’ve actually known Jake since primary school so we go way back, and ever since I met him then he’s been talented, and now even more so! He is one of the most amazing photographers that I know and he’s absolutely killing it! Jake photographs for magazines and restaurants, and travels the world documenting his adventures along the way. I had the pleasure of working with Jake on his logo a couple of years back and it’s been so awesome to see the work he’s done since then!


Web design - The Apartment

If you don’t know about The Apartment then I am very happy to change that right now! The Apartment is run by Femke, Owen and their adorable kitten, and they are making incredible work all the way over in Amsterdam! They have the dream team, designer and developer (and the cat for moral support maybe?), to create killer web solutions and provide amazing service! Individually they are inspiring enough, hosting podcasts, writing newsletters, running blogs, speaking at conferences and so many other projects, and together they are taking on Europe (and probably the world to be honest)!

Textile design - Cat Meachen

In another life, I would’ve loved to be a fashion or textiles designer, I just don’t think I’m quite cool enough! Someone who is, though, is Cat! Not only is Cat one of the nicest people I think I’ve ever met, but she is also one of the most talented! She creates the most beautiful textiles I have ever seen and I want to buy everything with them all over! Cat is also killer at typography and I’m pretty sure just everything she touches, but her textiles are my fave and you should definitely take a look and appreciate their beauty with me!


Motion graphics - Devon Moodley

One of the things that impresses me the most, is animation and motion graphics. Everytime I see good ones, I am just amazed and I either decide that I want to change design disciplines and become a motion graphic designer, or I sit there feeling sad that I can never achieve these things of wonder. One of the people who instills these feelings in me the most, in the best way, is Devon! I worked with Devon for a while during my internship and I was blown away. I think I could watch his showreels nonstop all day everyday because they’re just so amazing!

All of these people are super talented and I hope that you appreciate their work as much as I do! They all deserve a massive shout out so give them some love if you do like their stuff, and let me know if there’s anyone else that you’d like me to feature! I do have a lot more people up my sleeve that I think you should get to know, but just be patient, they will come! For now, enjoy these, let me know if you like their stuff, and also feel free to introduce me to the people around you who inspire you! I’m always on the lookout for new people to follow so I’d love to hear about them!

Much love, Hollie! :D


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