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How to Get Inspired for the New Year

How to Get Inspired for the New Year


Sometimes it’s hard to get back into the swing of things in the new year, especially if you’ve been on a long holiday. Your mind has been full of fun times, friends, food and hopefully sunshine, as opposed to working, meeting deadlines, being creative and getting things done. Trust me, I understand that it can be like finding a needle in a haystack looking for the motivation and inspiration to get going again but I assure you, it can be done! Here are some tips to help make this transition back to being productive a little easier.


1. Last Year I...

Even though we’re now in a new, exciting year, it’s important not to forget the year before completely. You filled 365 days with so many different things and taking a moment to remember them is a quick way to get your head back in the game. Think about your creative practice, whether that be design like me, or something completely different, and think about what you achieved last year in your area of creativity. Did you finish your first drawing? Did you learn a new coding language? Did you get a new job doing what you love? Did you start your own creative business? However big or small, you should be proud of those milestones and achievements, and the progress you made last year can help fuel you to go even further this year!


2. This Year I...

Now you’ve remembered all of the awesome things you did last year, it’s time to look forward to this year. You’re now blessed with 365 MORE days to fill with even better stuff than last year! If you finished that first drawing last year, maybe you could have a goal to create two drawings this year? If you learnt that new coding language last year, this year you could plan to create something of your own with that coding language? The possibilities are endless! Whatever you achieved last year, this year can be bigger and better, so set some goals, plan something exciting and get started!!

You can click here to read my New Year's design resolutions and goals to help you get started if you’re feeling stuck!


3. Get Online!

If you’re still feeling lost and stuck about your creativity for the year, the world wide web can be your best friend. There are plenty of websites that are filled with inspiration for all kinds of creative practices; try sites like Dribbble, Behance, Designspiration and Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing. For some more specific inspiration, articles showcasing the best pieces of design from the previous year can inspire great work, while sites predicting the trends of the next year can inspire future-thinking design that will can get you ahead of the pack!

I recommend The Best Awards if you want to see some incredible design from the last year, or if you’d rather look ahead to this year, check out UXPin’s collection of ebooks on UX Design Trends!


4. Get Outside!

While staying inside looking at inspiration on your computer can be helpful, it is sometimes even better to get out into the world and get some natural inspiration from your surroundings. I’m lucky enough to currently live in Wellington which is filled with art, culture, incredible architecture and beautiful nature. I get the best of both worlds living in an impressive, creative city, surrounded by impeccable natural landscapes so there’s no shortage of inspiration here. What’s your city like? Is there some street art that could inspire you? Could you visit a museum or art gallery to see the work of others? Are there events and gatherings that could help you think about new ideas? Could you get inspired by a nice landscape nearby? Get outside and experience the world. There could be something magical just around the corner that changes everything!!


5. Be Social!

Exploring on your own is one thing, but spending time with other creative people is even better! Creative friends, tutors or mentors can help to encourage your creativity and inspire your work, helping you to be the best you can, and probably helping them too! It’s exciting to hear about somebody else’s creativity and you never know what their work could inspire in you. You could even find something in common that you could work on together? Give it a go; spend time with your creative friends, go and listen to a tutor speak about their work, or get in touch with one of your favourite creatives - and let me know how it goes!!


6. Keep Learning!

Lastly, one of my favourite tips is to always keep learning. Whether you listen to podcasts, read books or view articles online, don’t stop learning about your creative field. There’s always something new you could learn so don’t give up. Spend some time improving your knowledge and again, it will probably inspire something in you! I listen to the SeanWes podcast which talks about creativity and business, and I wasn’t expecting anything but it inspired me to make this website and start this blog! So get reading, get listening and keep learning!!


I hope this has helped get you back into the swing of things! Let me know how you’re kick starting your year and if there’s any tips you have for getting inspired in the new year too!

Much love, Hollie! :D




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